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 We use a call centre and a paging system. The staff answer with "Froma Dental Clinic paging service", and then send us a message via our pager. Please note that the messages don't always get through although we always receive a confirming email.



Address: 8 Froma Lane, Katoomba 2780 ABN: 73 646 885 474
Phone number: 4782 1988 Facsimile: 4782 4455



We have our own car park with 2 client car parking spaces. Access is from Park St via College Lane. Look for a 40 meter tall brick chimney which is at the back of the Carrington Hotel. College Lane runs between the Carrington car park and the Council car park which is in the old TAFE site. There you will see a two story Victorian house which is painted in heritage colours; Pink with a red roof. There is also a flag pole next to the building. Once Froma Court has been found, it is never forgotten! It is a jewel of a building.

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We reserve the right to adjust our prices without notice. Any figures quoted on this website may be out of date.

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