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Froma Dental Clinic has been established in Froma Court since 1991. Prior to that, its founder Dr Maxwell King had worked out of the one location at Lawson for more than 15 years making him almost unique in the dental profession for the time he has worked in a single local area.
Froma Court is a beautiful old Victorian building that has been bypassed by the main street of Katoomba, in a laneway that has drawn it's name from the building; i.e. Froma Lane. Once discovered Froma Court is never forgotten. From the upstairs where Froma Dental Clinic is established, there are spectacular sweeping views across the Jamieson Valley, and beyond to the Southern Highlands. This is a constant source of pleasure to both the clients and the staff of Froma Dental Clinic. The clinic has always had up to date equipment, but in the year 2000 we had a complete refit of the main surgery, and so no clinic in the area is more "up to date".

Currently Katoomba is rebirthing; thus there is the new Coles Supermarket with the new Cultural Centre and Library with two levels of carpark next door. This is the new complex is supposed to become a huge community asset. Along with the new Woolworths and Big W, it dwarfs all other buildings in Katoomba . Parking is available from College lane as is the undercover car parking in the Centre.

Froma Court

The upper Blue Mountains is a small town area. One does not gain the reputation for reliable, ethical and competent practise over such a long period in such a small place by accident. The team at Froma Dental are all locals who not only work in the local area, but also live in the local area. It is not possible to go out anywhere in the town, to any shop or sporting venue or restaurant without meeting someone who knows us. After over 38 years in fact we have had more than 30,000 people through out door as clients and most of them are related to, or are friends of our local population on whom we draw the majority of our clients.
We cater for most categories of dentistry, and have developed a great deal of experience. For more details see Dental Services.



We reserve the right to adjust our prices without notice. Any figures quoted on this website may be out of date.

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